Call for Paper
Technical sessions will focus on the theme of the five National Conferences under the umbrella of SLIETCON-2019 and the following broad themes will be covered with interaction through plenary sessions, invited lectures, paper presentations and poster sessions.
There will be three best paper awards each in oral and poster presentations in each session. The following topics, but not limited to are to be covered:
Track I: National conference on “New Horizons in Food Processing Technology and Nutrition” (NHFPTN-2019)
  • Emerging food processing techniques
  • Emerging techniques for food safety and quality
  • Innovations in food process engineering
  • Innovative food product development
  • New perspectives in food biotechnology and fermentation
  • Novel insights in composition of foods
  • Value addition of food industry byproducts
Track II: National conference on “Research and Innovation in Chemical Engineering and Technology” (RICET-2019)
  • Biomass conversion
  • Chemical engineering computations and optimization
  • Chemical process instrumentation and control
  • Chemical process modeling and simulation
  • Energy and environment
  • Engineering materials for chemical processes
  • Innovations in unit operations and processes
  • Polymer processing and technology
  • Process synthesis, design and development
  • Separation technologie
  • Sustainable and clean process technology
  • Transport phenomena
III: National conference on “Recent Advances in Computing and Information Technology” (RACIT-2019)
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Biomedical and biometric image analysis
  • Computer vision and computer networking
  • Distributed computing, cloud computing and big data
  • E-business, e-governance and e-healthcare
  • Genetic algorithms and optimization techniques
  • Image processing
  • Internet of things
  • Machine learning
  • Meta-heuristics
  • Mobile computing
  • Motion detection
  • Natural language processing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Signal processing
  • Software engineering
Track IV: National conference on “Computational Techniques in Renewable Energy Systems” (CTRES-2019)
  • Applications of renewable energy systems
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for renewable energy systems
  • Biomass, bio fuel and fuel cells
  • Data mining and analysis techniques for renewable energy systems
  • Decision support system for renewable energy system
  • Future challenges for renewable energy systems
  • Hybrid energy system
  • Power quality improvement
  • Renewable energy systems such as wave energy, tidal energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and hydropower
  • Safety and security for renewable energy system
  • Smart grids
  • Sustainable energy and green energy
Track V: National conference on “Electronics, Communication and Networking Technologies” (ECNT-2019)
  • Communications theory
  • Data communications and networks
  • Interdisciplinary and allied areas
  • Internet and wireless security
  • Mobile computing
  • Mobility management
  • Optical communications and networks
  • Satellite and space communications
  • Signal processing in communications
  • Soft computing
  • VLSI and embedded systems
  • Wireless communications
  • Wireless sensors
Paper format
Research paper are to be submitted in the standard IEEE format.
Paper submission guidelines
The research papers will only be accepted through easy chair.
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